Can I withdraw from my retirement account and avoid the 10% penalty?2018-11-19T17:03:04+00:00

You can withdraw and avoid a penalty if:

  • you are using the funds to purchase your 1st home.
  • To pay for extraordinary medical expenses.
  • To pay for higher education expenses.
  • To pay for disaster relief expenses.
  • The IRS enforces a levy to pay for back taxes.
How much can I contribute to a college fund?2018-11-19T16:59:47+00:00

the maximum contribution is subject to the annual gift tax exclusion. Currently, the exclusion is $18,000 for a single parent and $36,000 for a married couple.

What should I do if I’ve received and audit letter from the IRS or State Tax Authority?2018-11-19T16:59:18+00:00

Do not attempt to represent yourself!!! We routinely represent clients with Federal and State audits to minimize exposure. Give us a call and let us take the burden off your shoulders.

Do I qualify for the 199A small business deduction?2018-11-19T16:58:49+00:00

There are a few requirements that must be met to qualify. We can quickly review your business structure and recommend changes to ensure you qualify.

Do I qualify for a Roth IRA account?2018-11-19T16:58:19+00:00

There are income limitations, however, there are many exceptions to the general rule. Please contact us for an evaluation.

Will I be charged for a consultation at Gomel and Advisors2018-11-19T16:57:46+00:00

No, our firm offers free consultations to prospective clients.

How do I inquire about becoming a new client?2018-11-19T16:56:35+00:00

Please see our “Contact Us” tab on the home page and give us a call or send an email to our address in the Contact US tab.

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