Taxes Can Feel Like A Burden, Don’t Face Them Alone

Individual tax filings are a burden that all working Americans must face each year.

While many individuals choose to file their own tax return, credits and deductions can be easily overlooked. This oversight by individuals results in millions of unclaimed monies each year.

Gomel and Advisors focuses a great deal of their time on researching and staying current on federal and state tax laws to deliver accurate and efficient tax returns.

Our clients can be assured that they maximized their credits and deductions each year.

We specialize in complex individual income tax filings that are more involved than simple W2’s. Our firm caters to individuals whose portfolio include complex investments.

Some examples include:

  • Retirement Planning

  • Investments in Stocks and Bonds

  • Real Estate Portfolios

  • International Investments

  • Estate, Gifts, and Trusts

  • Investment Flow Through Entities

  • Multi-State Filings

By filing your own tax return, you run the risk of opening yourself up for a costly audit. This cost will certainly outweigh the fee from hiring a competent tax preparer from Gomel and Advisors.

Our firm routinely represents individuals before the IRS and state agencies.

Before tackling your own return this year, give the professionals at Gomel and Advisors a call to request a free consultation.

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